Fire Monitoring

Live monitoring of forest and grass fires

Video from manned and unmanned aerial vehicles has the potential to provide critical, real-time fire monitoring information to firefighters as they work to contain and quell blazes.

General Dynamics Mediaware's D-VEX video exploitation software can be used with electro-optical, infra-red and thermal sensors for day and night monitoring of fire fronts and for detecting hot spots and spot fires after the front has passed.

Working in a preventative role, D-VEX can also be used to screen live or collected video footage to asses fire risk and plan hazard reduction. D-VEX can be used to record or import video into its video library and to view live or recorded video. It includes a suite of tools to manage video and to mark, annotate, measure and notate places and events in the video timeline, making it a powerful tool for fire monitoring, and fire hazard risk evaluation and management.

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