ISR Imagery Exploitation

Next generation tools for real time and forensic analysis of airborne video surveillance imagery

Our customers depend on us to deliver solutions that extract actionable, timely intelligence from surveillance and reconnaissance imagery gathered via airborne systems.  Our software is well known for its ease of use, compact form factor, robustness and reliability.

Processing, Exploitation and Dissemination (PED)

D-VEX is a compact, tactical full motion video exploitation solution which offers real-time and near real-time analysis capabilities, providing low latency video display, geospatial situational awareness, video annotation and access to critical mission metadata.

It is available in a a range of form factors from highly tactical, individual units through to multiple channel server systems for Ground Control Stations or Forward Operating Bases.

D-VEX distinguishes itself by including powerful recording, indexing and search capabilities, which make the retrieval of video from previous missions over an area an easy task.

This functionality aids operators in identifying patterns of life and potential hazards or threats for current and ongoing missions and simplifies the process of mission planning and target deck creation.


MissionMonitor is a powerful ISR imagery viewing and analysis tool. It combines advanced video and player controls with detailed metadata and situational awareness tools. It will play most ISR video and still-imagery formats and it has the ability to export snapshots and video clips in a variety of formats for briefings and reports.


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