M2 Edit-CL

Command-Line MPEG Video Editing and Repurposing

M2 Edit-CL delivers MPEG and H.264/AVC video editing, frame dumping and scene-change detection capabilities through a command line interface.  Ideal for batch processing or integrating with web server back ends or custom applications.

Utilizing Mediaware's proven MPEG video processing technology , M2 Edit-CL contains a feature-filled set of functions to provide command-line processing of compressed digital video.


M2 Edit-CL provides a unique combination of automated, frame accurate, long GOP editing in the compressed digital domain, while preserving the highest possible image quality.

M2 Edit-CL enables MPEG-2 Transport, Program and Video-only editing as well as MPEG-1, Systems, VCD and Video-only editing as a command line process.  It is also able to detect shots (cuts only), work with CMX-style EDL’s with simple transitions/effects and to do still image encoding. Output can be in MPEG or streaming formats.

Its command-line editing capabilities make M2 Edit-CL a powerful tool for reliably automating repetitive and onerous video editing tasks and for providing the desired output for further upstream video processing or display.

M2 Edit-CL's many functions can easily be incorporated into batch file scripting which contributes to a larger ISR video exploitation or broadcast video processing workflow:

    • In Broadcast M2 Edit-CL is being used to automatically composite clips and encode graphic stills together into an MPEG-2 Transport stream for digital broadcast
    • In Video On Demand production it is being used to automatically find advertisements suitable for one audience and replace them with more appropriate ones for another
    • In news, sports and entertainment applications, frame accurate EDL’s are being created on laptop based conformance or proxy editors (MPEG-1) and sent over the internet or intranet for automatic/batch editing and re-publishing on a central server


  • Edit and output MPEG video streams with an Edit Decision List (EDL)
  • Repacketize MPEG streams
  • Dump frames to still image files
  • Detect scene changes in MPEG video
  • Extract the audio stream from MPEG video


  • Easily Integrate M2 Edit-CL functionality into existing systems
  • Comprehensive set of command line options for editing MPEG profiles
For more information on M2 Edit-CL or to arrange a demonstration, please contact Mediaware.