M2 XCode-CL

Command-Line MPEG Video Transcoding

M2 XCode-CL is a powerful MPEG video transcoder and still image encoder.

Mediaware's powerful MPEG video processing technology powers M2 XCode-CL's compressed digital video transcoding capabilities.

Presented as a command line driven application, M2 XCode-CL enables the frame-accurate conversion of MPEG and H.264/AVC video from one profile to another with different characteristics, while preserving the highest possible image quality.

It includes the capability to encode a series of still images into an MPEG video output file. 


M2 XCode-CL converts (transcodes) MPEG files from one format to another with a vast range of parameters available to precisely specify the required characteristics.

Examples include:

    • Repacketizing a Transport stream to a Program stream
    • Turning MPEG-2 video into MPEG-1 video
    • Changing the bit rate, image resolution, aspect ratio, cropping or letterboxing
    • Converting a sequence of still images into an MPEG video
    • Reversing a video

Its command-line editing capabilities make M2 XCode-CL a powerful tool for reliably automating video transcoding and still image encoding tasks and for providing the desired output for further upstream video processing or display.

M2 XCode-CL's many functions can easily be incorporated into batch file scripting which contributes to a larger ISR video exploitation or broadcast video processing workflow:

    • In Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance applications, M2 XCode-CL is being used to mitigate the latency involved in working with large MPEG-2 video files over low bandwidth networks, by automatically creating low resolution MPEG-1 video proxies of the original high resolution MPEG-2 video files.
    • In Broadcast/Video on Demand applications, M2 XCode-CL is being used to scale videos to ¼ original size for picture in picture compositing.


  • Transcode MPEG video from one video profile to another with different characteristics
  • Encode a set of still images into an MPEG video
  • Supports encoding of JPEG, BMP and PPM images


  • Easily Integrate M2 XCode-CL functionality into existing systems
  • Comprehensive set of command line options for transcoding MPEG video
For more information on M2 Edit-CL or to arrange a demonstration, please contact Mediaware.