London, United Kingdom – General Dynamics will demonstrate the strength of its capabilities at this year’s Defence and Security Equipment International (DSEI) 2013 at the ExCeL Centre in the Docklands, London. General Dynamics has three stands in the South Hall to demonstrate the breadth of capabilities it offers to customers around the world. 

Stand S9-210: General Dynamics will demonstrate a secure, fully-functional 4G/Long-term Evolution (LTE) communications network ideally suited for military and public safety organisations. The network comprises General Dynamics’ rugged tactical and handheld radios combined with wireless, broadband networking products. The demonstration will record activity inside of the stand using video cameras and then transmit the images to another location within the stand, highlighting how General Dynamics’ products and systems work together to form a next-generation 4G/LTE network.

Featured communication products include:

  • Rifleman Radio: U.S. military and coalition soldiers can communicate and share information using Rifleman radios, which can form an ad hoc network wherever the mission takes them.
  • Pathmaker(TM) Networking Radios: A secure handheld radio for military or civilian use that forms its own network, enabling military, law enforcement and first responders to react to situations faster by keeping team members informed with voice and data. Pathmaker radios are interoperable with UHF/VHF, HF and Tetra radios.
  • HOOK2® Combat Search and Rescue (CSAR) System: The HOOK2 CSAR system provides downed aircrews and isolated personnel with secure, two-way communications with automated alerts that help rescue crews locate and identify distressed personnel quickly. The U.S. military and more than 30 countries use the General Dynamics CSAR system.

The company will highlight why it is one of the UK Ministry of Defence’s premier land systems providers, and a key partner to customers around the world, by showcasing its C4I capabilities. General Dynamics has delivered Bowman, a cutting-edge secure voice and data communications system that allows British soldiers to communicate with colleagues on the ground, at sea or in the air, for nearly a decade. Its world-leading skills and communications systems expertise means it is well-placed to continue meeting the communications needs of the British Armed Forces well into the future.

General Dynamics will also demonstrate its capability to conduct secure voice calls via a desk-style Sectera® vIPer™ Secure Phone and a standard commercial telephone that are connected through a Sectera Wireline Terminal. The company will also demonstrate GD Protected™ security that allows users to conduct secure voice calls using a commercial mobile phone.

General Dynamics will also unveil the Mobile Test Rig (MTR) - the precursor to a prototype Specialist Vehicle (SV) - which the company is developing for the British Army. The MTR has been undergoing an extensive series of trials over the past year, including cold weather trials and operational and tactical (O&T) mobility trials. The trials demonstrated the vehicles’ ability to withstand extreme temperatures and to meet the demanding mobility requirements of the SV programme, during which the MTR towed a total of 92 tonnes train weight over 300km as part of a gruelling Accelerated Life Testing (ALT) schedule designed to replicate pre-defined battlefield missions and conditions. On completion of the ALT activities, MTR will have covered a total of 10,000 km and will have provided crucial reliability and performance data to inform the design and manufacture of the six prototype SV platforms.

In addition, General Dynamics will showcase its Security and Resilience capabilities. The company has five decades of experience in securing Oil and Gas facilities around the world and has diversified into other adjacent sectors including Utilities, Transport, Corporate facilities and public buildings. One of General Dynamics’ recent key reference programmes is the integration of the operating system for Khalifa Port Industrial Zone, Abu Dhabi’s largest infrastructure programme, which officially opened in December 2012.

General Dynamics Electric Boat will provide information on the Dry Combat Submersible, which it is developing with GSE of Zingonia, Italy, an experienced producer of certified commercial submersibles with diver lock-out systems. Under contract from U.S. Special Operations Command, Electric Boat will lead efforts to design, build, test and deliver a complete, commercially classed user operational evaluation system. Electric Boat will also display a model of the Undersea Launch and Recovery Module (ULRM), a generic interface that allows robust and reliable launch and recovery of a wide variety of payloads, from submarine large diameter payload tubes. ULRM, which has completed land-based integration testing with the Lockheed Martin Marlin Unmanned Underwater Vehicle (UUV), is expected to be tested at sea soon.

The General Dynamics Mediaware exhibit will feature a demonstration highlighting the capabilities of D-VEX, the Processing, Exploitation and Dissemination (PED) system.  A member of General Dynamics’ family of exploitation solutions, D-VEX is the next generation tactical video exploitation system for end-to-end, real-time analysis of full motion video from fixed and airborne surveillance platforms. In addition to enabling the operators to export all recorded metadata to enterprise full motion video systems, D-VEX also allows for detailed forensic analysis due to its comprehensive search and mark-up capabilities. It is specifically designed for in-theatre operations where ease-of-use and low system overhead are vital. Currently deployed in Afghanistan by the Australian Defence Force, D-VEX provides operators with intuitive tools for enhancing, streamlining and analysing live and recorded video with linked map displays to provide forward-deployed forces with instant situational awareness. Additionally, with the D-VEX solution, the video archive is easily searchable, enabling analysts to identify, tag and analyse critical events in real-time for consistent, reliable and standards-compliant results.

Stand S9-230: General Dynamics Land Systems is a global leader in the design, development, production, support and enhancement of tracked and wheeled military vehicles for customers around the world. Through its Force Protection Europe operations located in Leamington Spa in Warwickshire, General Dynamics Land Systems is a major supplier to the UK MoD, delivering and supporting on operations over 1,000 highly protected 4x4 and 6x6 armoured vehicles over the past eight years. Vehicles include the Mastiff, Ridgback, Wolfhound and the Foxhound.
General Dynamics Land Systems’ DSEI 2013 exhibit includes three of the Family of Variants (FoV) of the Ocelot light tactical 4x4 protected patrol vehicle, which is in-service with the British Army in Afghanistan as ‘Foxhound’:

  • The Ocelot–S: an Ocelot 4x4 protected patrol vehicle with a steel pod mission-module, the Ocelot-S offer customers the choice of traditional steel or composite mission modules, depending on the role. The Ocelot-S will be shown in a C3I configuration, blending integrated communications and Battle Management Systems from General Dynamics with the Thales Optronics ‘light Generic Vehicle Architecture (GVA) fit.
  • The Ocelot Recce (WMiK) Variant: the Ocelot Recce variant combines the outstanding mobility and blast protection of the Ocelot protected patrol vehicle with the greater local Situational Awareness, agility and firepower of open-topped vehicles used by specialist light role and special ops forces.
  • The Ocelot Utility Variant: an Ocelot Utility variant combines the outstanding mobility and blast protection of the Ocelot with a flat-bed capable of taking two standard NATO pallets. Developed to meet the requirement for light forces-protected logistic support, the Ocelot Utility vehicle has the mobility and load-carrying capability that enables it to operate alongside the UK's light forces.

Also featured is a model of the LAV Double-V Hull (DVH). With an inherent Double-V hull and energy attenuated seats, the LAV DVH enhances the combat-proven LAV III with world-class soldier protection. The vehicle also features an upgraded driveline and suspension, larger tyres and a more powerful engine to deliver superior mobility performance and significantly increased payload. Advanced electronics and sight upgrades provides improved target identification and weapon accuracy that is packaged in a turret with enhanced ergonomics and safety. 

Stand S9-250: The third General Dynamics area at DSEI 2013 will showcase General Dynamics European Land Systems. It will present the EAGLE V 4x4 which was recently selected for the GFF Klasse 2 programme by the German Army. The EAGLE V features a high payload capacity and excellent crew protection with superior tactical mobility. To meet the increasing demand for mobility, protection and payload, General Dynamics European Land Systems offers the EAGLE vehicle family in 4x4 and 6x6 versions. This highly mobile vehicle, with a crew capacity of up to five soldiers, offers outstanding protection against ballistic, mine and improvised explosive device (IED) threats. Interchangeable automotive parts and components with DURO (Durable and Robust) vehicles provide a cost-effective logistics commonality.

General Dynamics will also display information about the latest development of the armoured tracked vehicle family ASCOD. The ASCOD provides maximum protection and high performance at a competitive market price. Its rubber track version is currently participating in an international competition in Denmark. More than 250 units of the ASCOD are presently in service with the Spanish and Austrian Armies.

Please visit the General Dynamics area at DSEI 2013, which can be found across stands S9-210, S9-230 and S9-250.

The General Dynamics companies present at DSEI 2013 are: General Dynamics UK; General Dynamics C4 Systems; General Dynamics Land Systems; General Dynamics European Land S General Dynamics Electric Boat and General Dynamics Mediaware.

About General Dynamics

General Dynamics, headquartered in Falls Church, Virginia, employs approximately 90,100 people worldwide.  The company is a market leader in business aviation; land and expeditionary combat systems, armaments and munitions; shipbuilding and marine systems; and information systems and technologies. More information about the company is available at