Screen shot of MissionMonitor ISR Imagery Viewer


The essential player for the precise display and analysis of ISR imagery

The proliferation of surveillance platforms has made it increasingly important for users to be able to view, analyse and exploit video with embedded metadata from by modern sensors. Common media players are unable to decode or present this metadata to the user which provides critical contextual information. Knowing how, when and where the video was captured is essential for clearly interpreting the imagery and deriving accurate intelligence. 

MissionMonitor was designed to allow users to fully exploit standards compliant motion imagery with its contextual information.

It combines agile video and display controls with detailed metadata and situational awareness tools. It will play most ISR video and still-imagery formats and can export snapshot chips and video clips, in a variety of formats, for briefings and reports. MissionMonitor is a fully compliant STANAG 4609/NGA MISP compliant viewer.

Large volumes of video can be reviewed and processed efficiently, using smooth 32X fast-forward and reverse playback, frame-by-frame stepping and video enhancement tools such as color saturation, sharpen and edge filters.

MissionMonitor also plays live video streams making it ideal for video walls and situations awareness displays and a useful tool when validating and verifying imagery data.



  • Play most ISR motion imagery and still image formats
  • Leverage system metadata to enhance video analysis
  • Understand the quality of video and metadata from your system
  • Trouble shoot video, metadata and system issues
  • Enhance situational awareness with integrated map views
  • Quickly create derived imagery products
  • Populate reports and briefing with images and clips easily extracted from the video
  • Cost effective display of live video streams on video walls for SA displays
Download the brochure.  

For more information on MissionMonitor or to arrange a demonstration, please contact Mediaware.