Utility Observation

Aerial observation of infrastructure and assets

Organizations are becoming increasingly aware of the benefits of using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) with high definition video sensors to observe, inspect and monitor infrastructure and assets which sometimes span remote and inhospitable locations.

High definition video footage and geolocation data acquired by the UAV platform and later transferred to disk on the ground can be viewed to audit asset condition, levels of deterioration and storm or other damage. In hostile environments, UAV deployments enable live monitoring of infrastructure.

Utilizing UAVs to observe and monitor powerlines, electricity towers, wind turbines, solar arrays, electricity substations, power generation plants, pipelines, irrigation canals, pump houses, oil and gas well heads and railway tracks and junctions increases operational efficiencies and reduces costs, allowing asset auditors to make initial observations in the office, while marking for special attention only those assets which require further field investigation.

General Dynamics Mediaware's D-VEX video exploitation software can be used to streamline the process of utility observation and monitoring via unmanned or manned aerial sensor platforms.

D-VEX can be used to record or import video into its video library and to view live or recorded video. It includes a suite of tools to manage video and to mark, annotate, measure and notate assets and events in the video timeline, streamlining the task of infrastructure auditing and management.

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