Who We Are

General Dynamics Mediaware is an Australian technology company specialising in the creation of advanced media software.

Founded in 1997 by 3 CSIRO scientists, the company has achieved rapid growth through product sales and successful research and development. It has established a strong presence in the US defence market as a contributor to the evolution of standards compliant imagery and metadata processing. The company was acquired by General Dynamics Corporation in 2007 and is a wholly owned subsidiary.

Mediaware is widely recognized as a leading global innovator in digital video technology. Our digital technology for compressed media provides a combination of high performance, low cost capability and flexible deployment that addresses the challenges created by more content, higher resolutions and tight deadlines.

Mediaware products seamlessly interface with the modern video ecosystems used by digital industries everywhere.

As a global company, Mediaware has a strong presence in most markets and can be contacted in several locations. Please see our Contact Us and Client sections for further details.