XR Streamer

Variable Bandwidth Dissemination of ISR Motion Imagery
XR Streamer delivers real-time propagation and dissemination of ISR motion imagery with metadata over networks of limited and variable bandwidths.

Motion imagery requirements in an operational theatre vary widely depending on the signal bandwidth, viewing hardware and infrastructure available: from fully equipped command stations with direct satellite links, to hand held devices with limited signal reception capabilities.

ISR imagery needs to be reliably disseminated to users in each of these conditions to deliver the tactical advantages made available through accurate situational awareness.

XR Streamer meets these requirements by enabling systems to disseminate ISR motion imagery in the right format at the right bandwidth for the available networks and target devices.

As a result, edge-users receive reliable imagery and metadata streams tailored to their situational signal reception and hardware capabilities. Imagery stream profiles can be modified on the fly as required, to adapt to rapidly changing environmental factors in the field.

XR Streamer is the ideal solution for the flexible, reliable, compact and easily configurable delivery of ISR imagery to bandwidth constrained environments.


  • Real time transcoding and transrating of ISR motion imagery with metadata
  • Supports multiple output bandwidths simultaneously
  • Auto corrects lossy inputs
  • Disseminates video over bandwidths as low as 64 kb/s
  • Disseminates video to PDAs including Android devices
  • Open and standards compliant (NGA, MSIP and STANAG)
  • Reconfigurable on-the-fly
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For more information on XR Streamer or to arrange a demonstration, please contact Mediaware.